Complaints Procedure

Complaints about Guild Members, Honorary Award Members or Complaints in general

If you have a complaint about a Member, an Honorary Member Award or a general complaint fill in the COMPLETE details below which will be discussed in full with the relevant party together with who has made the complaint.

If your complaint is upheld you will be informed and the Member, Article or other matter removed or edited as appropriate. If your complaint is refused and is deemed unfair, an attack or for any other unacceptable reason you will be informed then removed from the Guild/Facebook Group(s) or both.

By submitting a complaint you give your permission for us to send details of your complaint to any relevant party and you give your permission for us to discuss the matter with them. (GDPR and Data Protection Act UK).

Please DO NOT make a complaint for the sake of it or just because you can. If you do not send full details or enough information for us to progress the complaint it will be refused.

Whatever our decision is will be final and no discussions will be entered into.


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