Chris Andrews HMGMG

I have full skills & knowledge in guitar setups, fretwork including refretting, guitar building and refinishing.
I started my career at Sound Technology PLC where I began as a guitar technician working on Washburn Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Parker Guitars and Larrivee guitars.

After showing great progress and passion I was entered by my employee on to a guitar building course which was held in Derby by John Shuker. Here I learnt how to build an electric guitar from scratch and how to use different power tools and hand held tools.
As the years progressed, so did my training. I was then sent to the Taylor Guitars Factory in California where I was trained by there head techs & builders in which we became an authorised service centre for the brand in the UK.

After 10 years of working for Sound Technology I felt I had progressed as far as I could in the company, but knew there was more to gain.
I went out to start my own guitar repair business called CA Guitarworks. In this time I undertook Taylor Guitars training levels, completing Bronze,Silver & Gold levels to then become a Gold level repairer for the UK, the highest qualification for the training and one of only a few.

Seeing my progress and work, I was contacted by Lowden Guitars and asked to become a UK repair centre which I accepted. Again, one of only a few with this status.

Amongst these brands I was also trained & authorised to fit Fishman pickup systems.
As a repairer there was also the refinishing side of the job for spot repairs etc. Wanting to learn more I went to my local BWM crash repair centre where I learnt how to spray, mix paints and do repairs which I could then adjust and put to refinishing wood.

While running my business I was also working as a coach builder for a classic car company building ash framed classic cars pre & post war. This also lent a hand in channelling my skills in to my passion for guitars.
After 5 years of running my business I was then head hunted by PRS Guitars Europe to work as a guitar repairer for the brand. With all my skills & knowledge, the plan was to set up a repair facility in the UK which they never had.

I was lucky enough again to go off to the U.S to the PRS Guitars factory for full training on their processes including staining and spraying.
I now reside at PRS Guitars heading the repair & refinishing department for the UK & Europe for the last 6 years.

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