Grade Work

Welcome to Grade Work

Working through the Grades you will need to build a Kit Guitar, then make a body for the Kit and finally a Neck.

It is recommended that you use the Kit made in Grade 1 for the other two Grades however, if you do not want to do this, you can make complete Guitars at each Grade - but this is not a requirement. Just use the one Kit for all your work.

In the Grade 1 you will need to assemble a Kit Guitar completely starting with finishing the body and the neck to the style that you require. Then assembling the neck and body, installing the electrics and final installation of the Hardware.

You will then go onto building a new Body for the Guitar that you have assembled.

Finally in Grade 3 you will build a Neck and install in your Guitar.

You will then need to record a simple video or MP3 showing off your Guitar including how it sounds. This does not need to be anything professional and can be recorded on a Smartphone. This will be submitted for scrutiny by our team and if it comes up to the require standard you will be installed as Master of the Guild.

Do not rush. Take your time. Use the three Facebook Groups and your Mentor for help but most of all enjoy.

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