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    Create your own Headstock for that special Build. Vinyl Headstocks are easy to apply and look great.

Running alongside the Facebook Groups listed below The Guild is designed to encourage newcomers to this wonderful art to progress at their leisure with the help of more experienced Luthiers. The three Facebook Groups for where you can obtain assistance are: The Amateur Luthier, Kit Guitar Builders, Guitar Finishing

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  • SOLO GUITARS - Canada

    Solo Music Gear was founded in 2008 to service the needs of musicians, repair shops, builders and hobbyists and is dedicated to offering the largest selection of DIY guitar and bass kits, bodies & necks, guitar parts and Luthier tools.

SOLO Guitars is a division of SOLO Music Gear Ltd. Please visit our Facebook Page to view photos of the work sent in from many of our customers and the wonderful work they have accomplished. You can also find tips and tricks in building and finishing your Solo.

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Guitar Kit World is for anyone interested in making their own guitar but isn’t an expert and doesn’t have years of woodworking skills to draw on. We have been helping guitarists and bassists to build their own DIY instruments since 2013.

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The Black Mountain Thumb Pick was invented by Cole McBride — a full time guitar teacher.
He was looking for the perfect pick for his students as well as himself.  After playing hundreds of different picks, he decided there was room for innovation and he set out to invent a new kind of plectrum. 
He spent a lot of time experimenting with different designs, and then, the idea of a spring sprung into his mind!

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