Advertising Instructions

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Sizes vary but prices are all the same.Advertisements
Maximum insertion 6 Months

Prices are in UK Pounds (GBP).

All payments to be made via PayPal which will also be your receipt
We are not VAT Registered so no VAT Invoices.

  1. Select a suitable Graphic for your Advert - ideal 270W x 280H pixels
  2. If Static not Slide image recommended size is - Max 650W x 450H pixels
  3. Prepare the Text - Heading, Description, About Text Box (if required) and link to your Website - Keep to a Minimum
  4. Decide Colour Background Required For Text Area - Any Colour is possible but send a Graphic of any Special Colour you require.
  5. Send For Checking and Suitability
  6. Once Confirmed Make Payment

If you want to provide your own Advert just submit your Graphic. A link to your website will be inserted in the Text Box (see below).

If you want a Text Box containing details about yourselves this is possible below each advert. Max of 200 Words

Once Complete send HERE for checking. Don't forget to attach your Picture, Colour Graphic (if required) and Text.


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